Baby Mock Loafers

Baby Mock Loafers Are the Start of the Story

Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle trying to enjoy a little bit of style with your baby.  Not only are they growing so quickly but finding a nice niche to be in can be difficult.  Finding what works and what you like can start with the shoes; baby mock loafers are making quite a name for themselves, and endearing themselves into many parent’s hearts.

Why Does an Outfit Start with Shoes?

It may be true that not too many individuals base their outfits off their shoes, but with babies and toddlers, they may go through several outfits in one day, and the only item that could be saved from getting spoiled is the shoes.  If you have more neutral colors for shoes, it makes it very easy to mix and match as needed if something gets stained or dirtied up. 

In the worst of cases where the shoes are part of an outfit being abandoned, most times babies don’t even care if their feet are covered, and most toddlers can be corralled enough to make in home for the big clean up and wipe down.  Basically, it comes down to the fact that no matter how hard you plan, something is always going to go wrong, and it will be one of those things that you never saw coming.

Do Babies Even Need Shoes?

The best answer for this is they don’t.  In most cases, socks or booties are more than sufficient in cool or colder weather to get from the car to the front door and out for errands.  Like most everything in life, choices like this are a personal decision, and there are some of us that love the look of baby shoes for no other reason than they are cute.

They can serve a purpose when it comes to time to crawl; many babies can get rugburns or sore spots on the top of their feet from all that moving around.  But, as you know, many generations before us lived and survived very well without any baby feet coverings, and we are none the worse for it. 

Can a Shoe Hurt my Babies’ Feet?

Sadly, yes.  With as much that is known about feet, both young and old, it is amazing how many companies still make shoes that will ultimately cause pain and damage.  Babies’ feet are so soft and undeveloped, which is exactly what they need as their bodies are growing so quickly.  In fact, their feet are cartilage and have a great layer of baby fat around them making them chubby and flat-footed.  This is perfect.  The problems happen when parents treat these little feet just like their own and fit them into highly structured and/or rigid shoes.  This could include finding shoes with an arch support, which is extremely harmful to the growth and development of a baby’s foot. 

How Often Should I Buy New Shoes?

There isn’t too much debate here because baby feet do grow quickly.  It is just a matter of keeping track of how big their foot is in the shoe.  There should be no squishing of the foot or sore spots (red marks) on the foot after the shoe is removed.  Many parents like a thumb’s width at the heal.  The biggest factor to be aware of is that especially with infants and babies, there are no wear marks to gauge how long your baby has been wearing the show that a shoe is coming to the end of its life.  And, as much as you feel like each day is an eternity, time flies by!

On average, in the first couple years, a baby can go through 3 to 4 pairs of shoes per year.  This is one of the reasons why a good portion of parents just keep their baby in booties or socks.  Whatever your choice, just have your baby as the front and center focus and make sure that he or she is comfortable each and every day.

Why are Baby’s Feet So Important?

Whether you know it or not, the toe sucking and grabbing of feet is a milestone for your baby.  Not only are they discovering their body parts, but they are learning coordination in order to grab their foot and muscle movements and limitations. 

Just like in adults, there are nerves throughout the feet and toes that are connected to body parts.  When you take the time to massage the feet, or for that fact, any part of their body, there are connections within the brain that are stimulated and begin to work better.  Plus, the added fact that massage helps to promote circulation, mental development and connection with the body, there is almost nothing wrong with massage or doing a nibbling on those chubby little feet for yourself.

Can I Ever Learn All I Need to Know?

It doesn’t matter how many people you talk to, how many books you read, or even how many children you have, the one (or more) baby that you may have in front of you will send you for a loop at so many points throughout his or her life.  But, you are the ones who know them the best.  Trust your gut, ask a lot of questions, maybe make a few calls to friends and family, have your pediatrician’s office on speed dial, and say a few prayers because these precious little ones are grown and making adult decisions before you know it.  Enjoy the small things, and even if shoes aren’t your first priority, know that you are a little smarter about all this stuff!